Ire Aderinokun is a UI Designer and Front-End Developer

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I like to build things. I am passionate about all aspects of technology, from designing beautiful user interfaces, to writing DRY code.

Although I work full-time as a UI Designer and Front-End Developer, I enjoy learning about other parts of technology. I built a custom watchface and an app for the Pebble smartwatch, and have built some web apps.

In my time designing and building websites for clients, I have had a lot of positive feedback.

Ire is truly an absolute joy to work with. Professional and patient, she works quickly and efficiently, and only produces work that is aesthetically pleasing, well designed, and to her client’s liking. A million thanks to Ire for all that she’s done! Isabelle Edwards, Signed Isabelle

Nowadays, I work full-time with Big Cabal Media, a company creating online content for Africans.

You can find me sharing my projects on github, interesting links on twitter, or random thoughts on medium.


You can view all of my projects on my github, but here are some of my favourites.

  • Khaled Bot

    Khaled Bot

    Khaled Bot is a fun bot for Slack that mimicks DJ Khaled. I made it as an excercise in learning basic AI and getting better at Node.js. It was featured on Product Hunt and TechCabal.

  • The (Unofficial) CanIUse Embed

    The (Unofficial) CanIUse Embed

    An embedabble widget to display up-to-date data from Displays feature support data for multiple versions of the 10 major browsers. Configurable, reliable, and fully responsive.

  • Formhack


    Formhack is a "hackable sass-based form reset". Although there are standard css resets for forms out there, I wanted to create one that I could easily customize for any site, without having to worry about cross-browser compatibility and differences.

  • Designer News for Pebble

    Designer News for Pebble

    An application for the Pebble smartwatch that displays the top and recent stories from Designer News.

  • InstaChrome


    InstaChrome is a an extension for Google Chrome that displays Instagram posts from a tag of your choice. It has over 200 active users.

  • Open Writer

    Open Writer

    Open Writer is a free theme for the Ghost blogging platform. It has been consistently listed as one of the top free themes on their theme Marketplace, and has been featured in a list of "Superb Free and Premium Ghost Themes".


I write a blog, called, about web development best practices. Here are some of my most popular articles.

  • Styling Broken Images

    Broken images are ugly. But they don’t always have to be. We can use CSS to apply styles to the element to provide a better experience than the default. To understand how we can style broken images, there are two facts about the way the element behaves that we need to understand first...

  • The Accessibility Cheatsheet

    We all know that accessibility is important. The problem is, it is not always clear what exactly we can do to make our sites more accessible. The Web Accessibility Initiative created some Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) targeted at us, web content developers, to create more accessible websites...

  • On :not and Specificity

    The negation pseudo-class, :not, can be incredibly useful. It allows us to target elements based on what attributes they don't have, rather than what they do. This helps us avoid writing extra, increasingly specific, rules in an attempt to override previous ones. ...

  • CSS Font Sizing

    Following on from last week’s article, I decided to look into the different ways you can declare your font size with CSS. There are several different ways you can declare the size of a font in CSS. Broadly speaking, the units fall into one of two categories - absolute and relative...

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